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4 places that should have a sign: “Cell phones are prohibited here”

4 places that should have a sign: “Cell phones are prohibited here”

There are some places you should never put your cell phone! These wipers are less recommended due to a series of factors, as they can cause damage, theft And pollution. There are many other, safer options for carrying your cell phone. See which way is right!

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The most recommended thing is to use spaces such as front pockets, bags or specific cell phone holders. On the other hand, there are some places that you should avoid as much as possible to ensure the safety of your device. So, know the basic precautions!

Places you should never put your cell phone

Avoiding these places will extend the useful life of your cell phone, with proper and necessary care. This way, you can protect your device from damage and even theft in some of the most sensitive situations. Therefore, the important thing is to have a lot of common sense when choosing where to place your cell phone, no matter how simple the desired location.

To help you identify potential risks, check out the places you should never put your cell phone for safety reasons. are they:

1. Car glove box: It is the area that reaches high temperatures. It may damage the battery and internal components. Use the cell phone holder on your dashboard or console.

2. Back pants pocket: The greatest risk is physical harm when sitting. This also increases the possibility of theft, for example. Use front pockets or bags to carry your cell phone the right way.

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3. Bathroom: The biggest concern is the risk of falling into the water. Furthermore, the natural humidity in this environment damages electronic components. Not to mention, it is more friendly to bacteria and germs left on your device.

4. Baby stroller: The mistake you can make is making sudden movements. They can damage your cell phone, not to mention make it easier for thieves to access. Use a cell phone holder or carry your cell phone in your bag.