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Thiago Nunes recalls his time in Corinthians and says he came to question his artistic ability.

Thiago Nunes recalls his time in Corinthians and says he came to question his artistic ability.

Thiago Nunes led Corinthians in the early months of 2020. The coach arrived at Timao after being champions of the South American Championship, in 2018, and the Copa del Rey, in 2019, with Atletico Paranaense. The coach recalled his arrival and explained his motivations for coaching Alfinegro Club.

“Corinthians would have given me the opportunity to try to win Flamengo 2019, that was the plan. I thought of the logic that was presented to me at Corinthians, which was: let’s recruit and we will build a team that is competitive to beat Flamengo in 2019. Thinking about the size of the club and the fans, it is a club He can beat the Flamengo. That was my imagination, but in practice it didn’t come true. We had a lot of financial problems there.‘, said the technician in an interview with Flow Sports Club.

Between January and August 2020, Thiago Nunes led Corinthians on 27 occasions with nine wins, ten draws and eight defeats. The coach was runner-up in Sao Paulo with Timão. He recalls his time at the Alvenegro Club and says he came to question his ability.

“It’s surreal, Andres once told me, Corinthians rocket up or down, it doesn’t have a moderate speed, cruise, it’s not, it’s always a thousand hours. So it was hard to understand the pressure and the amount of beating you took from the press at that moment because you end up with It is to question your ability,”Hey, I’ve got 20 years on the job, I’m here, am I really that bad? “‘ said Tiago Nunes.

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The former Corinthians coach revealed that his time at Corinthians was a period of adaptation, the weight of the criticism is hard to fathom. In addition, Thiago Nunes noted that the period of the epidemic damaged the process.

So I usually say Corinthians training lives in a world of its ownYou live in an apartment without watching TV, cell phone, working out, coming home and living stressed 24 hours a day, and more so when the moment is tough. Added to this is the period of the epidemic. So it was hard to understand.”

Finally, Thiago Nunes revealed that the experience in Corinthians made him more experienced in his career. According to the coach, his time at the Alvenegro club would be different if he had changed some ways of acting.

Two years later, I say that after Corinth in this context, you can work anywhere in the world. He does not make the same management mistakes, he knows how to better manage environments with professionals, he knows how to better understand the size of the audience, how to communicate with fans”, concluded Thiago Nunes.

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