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Corinthians will get 6% of Maracana tickets when the Libertadores returns

Corinthians will get 6% of Maracana tickets when the Libertadores returns

FifthThe Flamingo Story of Corinthians, at the Neo Química Arena, sparked a discussion about the agreement between the two clubs to allocate 4,000 seats for visiting fans. This is because there are differences in the sizes of the stadiums, the maracana and the arena. In Rio, the São Paulo team is likely to receive 6% of the total tickets.

This agreement was necessary due to the organization Editor’s Cup Which is determined by the two thousand places given to the opposing team in the quarter-finals of the competition. According to the rule, only 4,000 tickets can be sold in the semi-finals of the competition.

So, flamingo and Corinthians He reached an agreement and sent a letter to CONMEBOL requesting an exception for the quarter-final matches between the two teams. It was accepted, and both teams announced on Monday that there will be more tickets for visitors.

At Arena Neo Química, a total of 45 thousand tickets were sold, 4 thousand of them for red and black. In doing so, the Rio de Janeiro team had 9.75% of tickets in place. When Flamengo started to dominate the match, in the second half, the cheers of the fans on TV were evident.

There has been criticism from Corinthians fans for the agreement. Alvengro fans were unable to buy tickets to the southern sector as they used to, Peroni’s blog showed.

About 60,000 tickets are expected to be sold at the Maracana. In addition, there are another 4,000 tickets for free captive chairs and amenities. The burden for the visit sector is 4 thousand seats, which represents 5.88% of the total.

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Like Neo Química, Maracanã will lose about 2,000 seats as a safety precaution to create a larger perimeter for Corinthians fans. Venigros will also remain in the southern sector of Carioca Stadium, in this case in the upper sector.

From the point of view of the red and black board, the agreement was good for both sides and criticism is affected by the outcome of the match. If Corinthians win the first match, the narrative may be that their fans will invade Rio de Janeiro to see the rankings.