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The water crisis is the subject of the new edition of Uniso Ciência

The water crisis is the subject of the new edition of Uniso Ciência

This issue of Uniso Ciência presents an article on a very important topic: the decrease in rainfall in southeastern Brazil and the direct consequences for the size of the Ituparanga Dam, the main source of water supply for Sorocaba and the municipalities in the region.

Environmental specialists at Uniso explain the phenomena that led to this water crisis, which is accompanied by a rise in temperatures in the region.

Part of the problem may be related to climate change, which is another issue that requires the adoption of new practices regarding the use of the planet’s resources. The data, updated in the first half of 2021, indicate a frequent decrease in the average amount of precipitation, which is not compensated even in the years when it rains the most.

Despite the emergency management of the dam’s flow, the report demonstrates the need for medium and long-term measures to conserve the quantity and quality of this water.

In this sense, Uniso has also implemented measures to reduce the environmental impact in its daily activities and act in an increasingly sustainable manner, which has enabled it to be among the 38 Brazilian universities participating in the 2020 edition of the UI GreenMetric World University Ranking Network, a global ranking for assessing environmental actions developed by universities.

To participate in the network, educational institutions share data on their actions aimed at sustainability, which are grouped into six categories and analyzed by a multidisciplinary team. At the university, the issue is organized on several action fronts, with projects for biodiversity conservation, clean energy use, water resource management, and mobility, among other initiatives.

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Check out the full version of the newspaper here: http://banca.maven.com.br/pub/cruzeirodosul/?numero=36817&code=1635513371298