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The US has cited constructive talks with China on arms control

The US has cited constructive talks with China on arms control

The United States said on Tuesday it held constructive talks with China this week on nuclear non-proliferation and arms control as part of an effort to keep lines of communication open ahead of a meeting between US and Chinese leaders.

Arms control talks were held in Washington on Monday, described as the first by a US official since the Obama administration, led by US Assistant Secretary of State Mallory Stewart and Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sun Xiaobo.

From trade with Taiwan to the South China Sea, America’s top priority is to ensure that their disagreements on a wide range of issues do not degenerate into a serious conflict between the world’s two largest economies.

With about 500 warships, according to the Pentagon, it is well below the power of the United States and Russia, but some analysts believe this could increase the risk of conflict.

“As part of ongoing efforts to maintain open communication and responsibly manage the US-PRC relationship, the two sides held an open and in-depth discussion on arms control and non-proliferation issues,” the US State Department said. Using the acronym People’s Republic of China.

“The United States has emphasized the importance of greater PRC nuclear transparency and substantive engagement in practical activities to manage and reduce strategic risks in multiple domains, including nuclear and space,” he added.

“This constructive meeting follows recent high-level engagements,” he said, citing conversations in Washington between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan and the US’s top ambassador to China, Wang Yi.

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The Chinese embassy in Washington said it had no immediate comment.

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