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The US government participates in the process involving FIFA

The US government participates in the process involving FIFA

Photo: Julián De Rosa / AFP via Getty Images – Caption: Relevent in action with support from FIFA USA / Jogada10

The US government has come full circle in a lawsuit filed by a related sports group against FIFA and the United States Soccer Federation (US Soccer). The dispute, which began in 2018, is being processed in the Supreme Court and concerns the 15-year contract the company signed with La Liga. Under the agreement, the Spanish championships will be held in the North American territory.

However, US Soccer appealed to FIFA and managed to prevent Messi and Suarez's Barcelona from facing Girona in America. At the time, the argument, in short, was that official games in a national league should be played in-country.

However, in the same year Barcelona were barred from playing in Florida, the Spanish Super Cup took place in Saudi Arabia with Catalan clubs Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid and Osasuna. Therefore, the concerned company filed a lawsuit against American Football. The allegation is that the confederation and FIFA are conspiring to prevent any soccer competition from taking place in the United States valid for another league.

The government got involved

In 2021, the action was dismissed by a federal court. However, this sentence was overturned and is now being enforced in the Supreme Court with the support of the North American government. This support came in the form of a 23-page letter from Attorney General of Justice Elizabeth Precoller. In that, the government requests that a decision should be taken in favor of the person concerned. Thus, condemning American football and FIFA.

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Department of Justice

This month, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) reached a settlement worth R$1.6 billion with the former fighter. In the action, the former athletes alleged that the system was unfair competition. This, according to them, artificially caused a fall in wages.

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