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Princess Kate of England is suffering from cancer

Princess Kate of England is suffering from cancer

Not seen since January, British princess Kate Middleton makes a global statement this March 22, 2024 | Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@katemiddleton

The popular Princess Catherine, known to the world as Kate, has left the whole of England in suspense since mid-January after her mysterious stomach surgery. Cancer suffering.

Catherine, 42, has revealed that she has started chemotherapy treatment, putting an end to the rumors and speculation that have been swirling since her surgery was announced two months ago.

The cancer announcement dominated the front pages of the British press this Saturday (23) in honor of Catherine.

“Catherine, you are not alone,” wrote the Sun tabloid, echoing the shock and affection for the Princess of Wales in the United Kingdom.

Another newspaper, the Daily Mail, hit out at the social media comments, which “spell out sick conspiracy theories to explain his absence from public life.”

The Times maintained the princess' positive speech at the news of her cancer announcement, with her confidence that “I will beat this.”

Catherine is well-loved in the United Kingdom and may be as popular as her husband's mother and heir to the crown, William, 41-year-old Princess Diana.

“Catherine told us what she had in a moving message. We don't know what kind of cancer she has or her recovery time. And we don't need to know. She has a right to privacy like everyone else,” said Freedom. Columnist Sean O'Grady.

The princess is already undergoing preventive chemotherapy, which began at the end of February, British agency PA reported.

“Preventive chemotherapy is given after surgery to reduce the risk of the cancer coming back in the future,” said lead clinical researcher and colon surgeon Andrew Becks of the University of Birmingham.

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“It's like cleaning the floor with bleach when you spill something,” Becks said, explaining that chemotherapy “kills the spilled cells.”

Cancer attacks the monarchy

Within two months, the British Royal Family discovered that two of its most important members, Charles III and his niece Princess Catherine, were suffering from cancer, the nature of which was not specified in either.

In an unprecedented move, Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of the king's brother, Prince Andrew, announced in January that she was suffering from malignant melanoma, a serious skin cancer.

As a result, three members of the British royal family have been affected by some form of cancer.

Charles III, 75, whose cancer was announced after prostate surgery on February 5, said he was “proud of his niece's courage”.

William's younger brother Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who are separated from the royal family and live in California, said in a statement: “Health and recovery to Catherine and her family.”

Public absence

“It's terrible news. It's a shock,” royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, who appears on several television channels as an analyst of the monarchy, told AFP.

“The way he announced his illness was very moving,” she said. “But there is no doubt that this is a very difficult time for the institution of the monarchy,” he added, highlighting that it was “almost impossible” to plan anything involving Charles and Catherine.

A spokesman for Kensington Palace, which is responsible for the Princes of Wales' communications service, said on Friday that Catherine would return to her official duties “once her medical team gives her the thumbs up”.

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According to the PA agency, Catherine, William and their three children will not be at the traditional Easter Mass with the royal family. (AFP)

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