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The United States is demanding the release of activists arrested during the Maduro regime

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The dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.| Photo: Kremlin / General Photos

James Story, the US ambassador to Venezuela, has demanded the release of three activists imprisoned by the Nicolas Maduro regime. Omar Garcia, Rafael Tarasona and Javier Tarasona are a part of it ONG FundaRedes, And charged with “treason, terrorism and incitement to hatred.”

The story created a post for her Non-Twitter profile In it he affirms that “a democratic state respects the freedom of expression of the citizens of civil society.” The ambassador continued: “The people of Venezuela have a right to information and freedom from retaliation such as intimidation and arbitrary arrests.” Finally, Story Fundarets asked for the freedom of activists, especially founder Javier Tarasona.

The request follows a complaint by Foro Penalt, another NGO that specializes in cases related to political prisoners in Venezuela. According to the organization, the activists could not trust their own lawyers from the time of their arrest until they were produced in court, and their protection was provided by a public bodyguard appointed by the Maduro government.

The trio were arrested last Friday (2) after arriving at the headquarters of the Public Ministry in Falcon State. Activists were preparing to condemn the harassment and harassment perpetrated by police officers, intelligence and unidentified individuals against Javier Tarasona.

Johnny Romero, director of Venezuela’s National Committee on Abduction and Disappearance, was arrested along with activists, but was released the same day. Omar, Rafael and Xavier were taken to Caracas and detained at the intelligence service headquarters in the Venezuelan capital.

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