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The UK is reducing aid to developing countries

Photo: AFP

Prime Minister Boris’ proposal was formally approved by the British Parliament

Since Johnson reduced foreign aid to foreign countries. United Kingdom

Wants to reduce the amount of foreign funding in

Growth of 0.7% to 0.5% of GDP, which should be less

Four billion pounds sterling (approximately $ 28.6 billion).

The bill was officially approved by 333 delegates, with 298 voting in favor

Against. The government’s move was heavily criticized, including by Pioneer

Johnson, Theresa May, for not giving delegates the opportunity to approve

New share of costs. Coincidentally, the former British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party

From 2016 to 2019 he voted against his party for the first time. Commented that the kingdom

United broke its commitment to the poor around the world.

The government’s proposal was criticized by all former British ministers

Rishi, the British treasury minister, is facilitating the move by opposition MPs

The reduction will be temporary, Sunak said. However, the action came with one

Legislative change, in order for it to return to its old state, is necessary in the future

There is another endorsement of Parliament, which many doubt.

The UK is one of the richest and most industrialized nations in the world, a member of the G7.

And subsidy policies for developing countries have always played a role.

Strong role in their foreign affairs, especially as a component of them

International Credit. In addition to exerting a specific global influence, The

The so-called soft power policy should be used by the British government. For researchers

This trend of slashing the budget for international aid is noteworthy.

Conservative party and across the country, some believe it

The potential consequences of this decision could be to reduce the role of the state.

Kingdom is not the world.

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