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The sport gets a suspension effect and will be able to welcome the public again

The sport gets a suspension effect and will be able to welcome the public again

Sport's request was accepted by the case observer at the Supreme Sports Court. Leo could welcome the crowd back against the Jurassic World

The sanction imposed on Sport following the trial before the Supreme Court of Justice for Sport over the consequences of the attack on the Fortaleza bus has been temporarily suspended. This is because, on Wednesday afternoon, the authority accepted the request for suspensive effect submitted by the Liao Legal Department. In this way, following the opinion of the case rapporteur, Felipe Bevilacqua, Rubro Negro will be able to welcome the public back to their games until your appeal is judged.

The statement is not valid for the match against Nautico, on Wednesday, in the sixth round of the Nordeste Cup. Therefore, Leao will not meet his fans again until the 27th, when he faces Guazirense, in the final round of the group stage of the tournament.

Leo's positive opinion comes one day after one of those responsible for the attack that injured six Fortaleza players, on February 23, was arrested by the civil police in Pernambuco. In fact, during the trial, the fact that none of those involved in the case had been arrested was considered an aggravating factor for Ruberonegro's punishment, in the first place, to eight matches behind closed doors and the absence of visiting fans for the same period.

Understand the issue

In the early hours of February 23, after the match against Sport, his bus was attacked by an organized faction wearing Leonin colours. On that occasion, bombs and stones were thrown at the car during the return trip to the hotel. The attack occurred near BR-232, in the Corrado neighborhood, seven kilometers from the stadium where the match was held.

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Six Fortaleza players were injured as a result of the attack: goalkeeper Joao Ricardo, full-backs Dodo and Escobar, defenders Pretez and Tite, in addition to midfielder Lucas Sacha. Fortunately, everyone has now returned to their football activities, but according to experts, this was due to luck, as if some of the injuries had been modified by 1.5 cm, the attack would have resulted in deaths.

Thus, on 12 February, Sport were taken to the dock by the STJD's Second Disciplinary Committee, where they were sentenced to play eight home matches behind closed doors, as well as losing the right to host visiting fans for the same period. The decision also stipulated a fine of 80,000 Brazilian riyals.

Dissatisfied with the outcome of the trial, Sport's legal department, after the ruling was published, appealed to the full court to rule on the case again, a meeting for which a date has not yet been set. Thus, the Vice President of the Council and the rapporteur of the case, Felipe Bevilacqua, accepted the request to suspend the sentence until Al-Assad was finally sentenced.

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