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The volleyball director sees unjustified behavior by the under-17 coach

The volleyball director sees unjustified behavior by the under-17 coach

I was strict in class. I didn’t negotiate. We preach a lot about this, especially Vasco. We hate disrespect. I was devastated, completely devastated.

This is not justified. He was already a bit nervous about the judging, he got a bit lost, and in an impulsive act, he gave that push to [a jogadora] Stay inside the court. From that moment on, the judge ruled him out. Then I had to put out all the fires.

He was so stunned. He’s been in this profession for 20 years, and the group loves him, but from that moment on, from that scene, there was nothing he could do. She asked him to leave the court. At that moment the WO was announced. He left the court and went to the back. I went to him, hung up the phone, and asked to go to his house.

What remains for me is to give all my attention to the parents and athletes. I held a meeting with the girls and officials, and made myself available. Some girls wanted to talk. She explained that our values ​​are non-negotiable, which are respect and dignity. I received counter-responses from the athletes themselves, “We know Andre made a mistake, but we love him. It was an isolated incident.” He has the group in his hands. Since then, I had to be very emphatic, and explained to them that I was not giving them the right to decide, and that they might not understand at that moment, but it was already turned off.

The parent group fully supported me and didn’t expect anything else. Some parents even had a certain tolerance, they understood that their daughters wanted to continue with Andrei. Maybe they are upset with me, but the parents proved me right. Rather, it puts the project at risk due to its seriousness.

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the father [da jogadora agredida] He came to talk to me, and he had compassion. And Bea wasn’t so sorry, mother [dela] He said he had already spoken with Andre, who had no intention of filing any kind of police report for assault, because the biggest penalty was his conscience. They knew him. Played by Pia, who attacked [a segunda partida do dia]She entered court as if nothing had happened.