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Abel says he cannot be held accountable for the title without Allianz

Abel says he cannot be held accountable for the title without Allianz

Changes in the starting lineup and fatigue

“Palmereis has the essence of performance that transmits the necessary information, but not all the information. There are players who play limited, of course. It is the same in the Brazilian League. Playing with pain, with the limits of injury. We are changing what we do.” It has to change, like Anibal will be out for 10 or 15 days, I don’t know, it depends on Indrik’s recovery from the eye problem. No, we were not creative, and we could not overcome the opponent’s fences. They took advantage of our passing errors and made good transitions, with luck in goals and missed penalties.

Copa America schedule and news

“Dodo, Bruno and Felipe Anderson. When Dudu is healthy… he hasn’t played any games. We don’t have any expectations for him. Look what happened to Bruno Henrique. See? A similar injury and how long it will last, no expectations.” Bruno same thing. And I saw how many people came here today. My gratitude to those who came to help our club and club. This involves a lot of interference and it is a big advantage for the opponent to rest but one day they will find a solution. This is the situation that the club itself knows. We will try to do our best with our players. If they are called up to the national team I will not play “A” and play “B”. What makes me sad is not playing in our house, the pig pen. Nothing against Paruri, but it’s not fair to the players. Allianz Parque is our stadium and not playing in our stadium is not fair. Everyone knows the importance of the public, here the brutal intervention takes place, for good and for evil. Let’s improve our processes, we didn’t have creative and inspiring people. “It was an unlucky day for us as well.”

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Indrik’s absence

“You are losing a player with great quality, and a lot of performance, and it is no coincidence that Real Madrid came to sign him. Real Madrid has become weaker with his departure, but we will look for solutions as we used to do.” “He finds solutions in these years that we live here.”