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The bar in Rio Vermelho hosts the International Science Festival

The bar in Rio Vermelho hosts the International Science Festival

International Festival A pint of science Refer to the Savior in this month. The event will feature 12 scientists who will talk about science in a way that is convenient and accessible to the general public.

Free pint, will occupy Artmalt BreweryIn the Red riverOn the 13th, 14th and 15th of May. Confirmed speakers include Paulo Miguez, rector of the Federal University of Bahia (Ufba), and Marilda Gonçalves, first rector of the Fiocruz University of Bahia.

The opening theme of the festival on the thirteenth of this month will be “Black Powers: Our Diversity Creates and Drives Science and Education.” On the 14th, the table will be “Communicating Science: Everything you wanted to know about vaccines and were embarrassed to ask” and finally, on the 15th, the topic covered will be “Science is in everything: citizenship, art and innovation”. .

This time, “Pint” will feature an exclusive beer produced by award-winning brewer Rubens Soares, partner at Cervejaria Artmalte. He says he has created an American lager-style drink that is light, refreshing and slightly bitter, perfect for hot days. The difference in the recipe is that the beer uses national barley and hops. “Beer production is a science, and we cannot turn away from a project that combines beer and science at its core,” he says.

The menu for the three days of the event will also be special, designed to welcome the student crowd, and will be more affordable than usual. Event participants will only need to pay for consumption.

The bar has a maximum capacity of 200 people and Pint of Science is expected to receive at least 150 visitors per night.

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Check schedule:

05/13, 7pm (Monday)
Black Powers: Our Diversity Shapes and Drives Science and Education
Speakers: Marilda Gonçalves, Director of Fiocruz Bahia, Antonio Alberto Lopez, Director of the Faculty of Medicine at UFBA, and Miriam Reis, Professor at Unilab
Moderator: Deborace Prats, Professor at the Institute of Health Sciences (ICS/UFBA)

14/05, 7pm (Tuesday)
Communicating Science: Everything you wanted to know about vaccines but were embarrassed to ask
Speakers: Vivian Boaventura, professor and researcher at Fiocruz Bahia and the UFC; Claudia Brodskin, Deputy Director of Education and Information at Fiocruz Bahia and former President of the Brazilian Society of Immunology; Suani Pinho, researcher and professor at UFBA; and Bruna Machado, Professor at SENAI Cimatec
Moderator: Antonio Protas, journalist and communications coordinator at Fiocruz Bahia and professor of scientific publishing

05/15, 7pm (Wednesday)
Science is in everything: citizenship, art and innovation
Speakers: Paulo Miguez, Dean of UFBA; Lynn Alves, professor and researcher at the Institute for the Humanities, Arts, and Sciences (IHAC/UFBA); Barbara Coelho, professor at UFBA; José Mauricio Brandão, Director of the UFBA Music School
Coordinator: Denis Soares, Deputy Coordinator of Pint of Science El Salvador and Director of the College of Pharmacy at UFBA.