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Bruno Guimarães expects an easier adaptation to Dorival and says: “The Seleção will never lose its prestige.”  Brazilian team

Bruno Guimarães expects an easier adaptation to Dorival and says: “The Seleção will never lose its prestige.” Brazilian team

Although he has only had three training sessions and some conversations with coach Dorival Junior, midfielder Bruno Guimarães expects to quickly adapt to the new Brazilian captain's style of play. According to him, from now on, his way of playing hopscotch will be similar to what he used to do at Newcastle.

Watch Bruno Guimarães' press conference with the Brazilian national team

Without delving into the merits of the better style or which one he prefers, Bruno Guimarães compared Dorival Junior to Fernando Diniz, his predecessor at the helm of the Seleção.

– I think that although they are both coaches who have a very attacking side of their job, they are completely different coaches. Deniz likes to put almost the entire team on the ball. Dorival really likes to explore the wings individually, and play deep. We try to understand the things we do daily as well. Deniz was a little different because he had his own characteristics, but with Dorival we really worked a lot, watched a lot of videos of what he likes to do, lines of three or four, things he plans. The 26-year-old footballer, who also spoke about the peculiarities of his game:

– With Professor Dorival, (I do) things that I practice more on a daily basis, and that are important to me, things that I used to do in my club as well. From now on you will be able to see Bruno from Newcastle in the Brazilian national team because these are things we are used to doing more on a daily basis.

In his first three activities in London, Dorival Junior has not made the squad, but Bruno Guimarães is one of the candidates to start in the Brazilian midfield, which this time does not include the injured Casemiro. Since 2020 with the Seleção, he has played 20 hopscotch matches and was in the last World Cup.

Although the Seleção has come off three consecutive defeats (against Uruguay, Colombia and Argentina), Bruno Guimarães sees the team's morale in front of its opponents:

– Wherever Brazil is, it will be a favourite, for its entire history, its great players, and everything it stands for on a global level. The Brazilian national team will never lose its prestige. They (the English) can't wait to play against Brazil: “Great, it'll be a great game.” They really want to play this game, just like us. The Brazilian national team will never lose its prestige. There are five World Cups, and we are looking for the sixth one. Announced as a new project, we are reshaping our choices, and I believe we will still reap a lot of rewards in the future.

Bruno Guimarães, the Seleção midfielder, trains in London – Photograph: Rafael Ribeiro/Brazilian Football Confederation

After facing England, the Brazilian delegation will leave for Madrid, where it will face Spain, on Tuesday, at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

Check out other excerpts from Bruno Guimarães' interview below:

How will you play with Dorival?

– I had some conversations with Dorival. When he spent some time here in Europe, we met and he watched two of my matches. We have a good relationship, we talk a lot. He knows he can use me as a first, second or third midfielder. It has not yet been determined how he will play, whether with a three- or four-line. We practice both options. I guarantee you that if I were to play, I would play in midfield (laughs).

Friendly against England

– For them it is also the fulfillment of a dream. I play with Gordon, and also with Trippier, who is usually called up as well, but he is injured and that's why he wasn't called up. Since the friendly match came out they said: 'Damn, I can't wait, Wembley'. Wembley is like the Maracana for us, as all the tickets sold out quickly. This generation has the potential to be the golden generation, as it has a lot of talent and great players. I think it will be a great match, even though it is a friendly match and everyone wants to win it. For fans of the game it will be a wonderful sight

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– For me, it's special. I was there last season in the Carabao Cup final, and unfortunately we lost to Manchester United. It even reminds me a little, because they talk about it, of the Maracanã. Having a special feeling, the best stadium, that has all this history, the stadium is a carpet, will help the show a lot. They are two giant countries, with very good players, a special stage. Hopefully we can go out there and play well and get the win.

– These are two big tests, even though they are Professor Dorival's first match, and our first week with him. We are trying to change some concepts, and understand the ideas it gives us. There will be two big games, two big stadiums, two big teams. We have to make the most of the time we have, practice keeping the ball, playing the game, and using the wings in a 1 x 1 situation. We know we have great players, we will make a great team, and we are confident and happy to be able to keep working. It is important to play against a big team, especially at this time, close to the Copa America, to prepare ourselves very well.

-We still don't really know how we will get in, we are preparing for two or three ways. We hope that we will play well collectively and individually to present a great match worthy of the Brazilian national team.

– It's strange to talk. My first call-up was in 2020, and it's 2024 and I only have 20 games. I expected much more. I hope I can continue my work, and for sure you will see Bruno from Newcastle in the national team. It's a matter of getting more minutes and playing time. Although there were 20 matches, I made six or seven assists and goals for the national team.

The role of the midfielder

– In modern football, there is no longer that 5 (shirt) that only scores, only defends and blocks the defence. Number 5 today has the role of opening the first and second lines, activating the wings and playing inside. Today there are no 5, 8 or 10, they are all midfielders. Everyone scores and attacks.

– This question 021 is correct, I have a great relationship with Paquita, he is one of my best friends. Douglas was the Olympic champion with me. Joosinho: I rely on him a lot, I play with him, it's great, Rio de Janeiro leads the midfield. It's been really great, we're happy, we feel really good as a group.

A comparison between English and Brazilian football

– In terms of structure, I have no doubt that they are stronger, the stadium, the organization, the way they play, and the vision. But at the player level, I don't think so. They are looking for a lot of our players at the base, and they really want to bring South American players here from an early age. In terms of structure, they are a step forward, but in terms of talent, I can't see it. Obviously they have great players, and we respect them, but we also have great players here.