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The SP government participates in the climate agenda with the United States

The SP government participates in the climate agenda with the United States

Governor Jonah Toria and Infrastructure and Environment Secretary Marcos Benito attended a virtual meeting with US Special Envoy for Climate Change (USA) John Kerry this Friday (30).

A video conference featuring the participation of six other Brazilian governors aimed at continuing to provide North Americans with programs to mitigate the effects of climate change, forest conservation and restoration, and the bio-economy in S பாo Paulo and elsewhere. Raise funds for priority environmental projects in the country and territories.

“I believe there is a balance between President Joe Biden’s recently announced goal plan and the initiatives we have taken to improve the living standards of our 46 million people in Sவோo Paulo. , Mitigate the effects of climate change on the UN.

In November, we will attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) in Glasgow, England, and I am confident that we will have the opportunity to be together at this meeting, ”said Toria.

In Sவோo Paulo, Joel Toria provided information on the conservation and protection of Atlantic forests in the “Vale du Futuro”, a Sவோo Paulo project that promotes sustainable development in the Vale du Ribera region. Earlier this year, the state government approved the new ICMS Environmental Act, which seeks to increase the resources allocated to environmental protection, with emphasis on safety units (UCs). The expansion of forest restoration, associated with the development of productive forests, will allow significant gains in biodiversity conservation, climate control, employment and income generation, and the improvement of the biological economy.

The state of Sவோo Paulo is working with the rest of the world to combat the effects of climate change, and on July 20, the UN Climate Framework Convention signed the Order to Obey the Race to Zero and Race to Resilience campaigns. Net Zero Climate Action Plan – Commitment to deliver the Climate Adaptation Plan for 2050 and the State of Sவோo Paulo by 2022.

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In addition to Jono Toria, the governor of Espirido Santo, Renato Casagrante; From Mato Grosso do Sul, Reinaldo Azambuja; From Maranhou, Flavio Dino; Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Light; From Barrow, Helter Barballo; And Piauí, Wellington Dias.

The future of the valley

Of the two projects provided by the Southeast Region, the conservation and conservation of Atlantic forests in the Vale du Futuro is coordinated by a state program in the Valle Do Ripera region and the Regional Development Secretariat (SDR).

In the expected economic outcomes, the integration of production chains related to local forest products, as well as eco-tourism in the region, will meet the need for sustainability, pointing to elements of more than 50 other branches of local activities.

Social benefits are also expected, such as increasing the privilege of employment related to environmental protection, ensuring the sustainability of traditional people and communities in residential and workplaces, and earning income (seeds and payment for environmental services – PSA). Improving the health and living conditions of these communities.

In relation to environmental outcomes, increasing the resources allocated for conservation, highlighting conservation units, greater community involvement in the protection of protected areas and natural environments, greater human conservation and greater protection of the Atlantic forest, the protection / protection of large areas of biology specified in addition to conservation and the consequent greenhouse gas CO2 absorption levels. (GHG) Contributing to mitigation.

The letter was sent to the United States

This Friday (30) agenda is the result of a letter sent by 21 governors to US President Joe Biden in April this year. In the document, public executives sought to form a partnership with the United States in support of mitigating climate change.

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Portfolio of Brazilian projects on climate change: https://issuu.com/governosp/docs/mudan_as_clim_ticas.