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Lightning fires destroy homes in the UK

Lightning fires destroy homes in the UK

Two houses were partially destroyed this morning in Hampshire, England, with lightning striking amid storms in the region, which is expected to continue this weekend.

A 70-year-old woman was rescued unharmed at the scene, according to the British newspaper The Guardian. The roofs of both properties were consumed by the fire started by lightning.

“There was this big noise – it obviously came from lightning. I think it raised the whole street. When I looked outside, I saw that the roofs of the row houses were completely on fire, and it was completely destroyed,” said a neighbor, Guardian Barry Austen, 79, of both apartments. Explains that they are attached by a wall.

Meteorological officials at the Center for Meteorology have warned that thunderstorms, thunderstorms and strong winds are expected in the south of England and Wales today and tomorrow.

One of the three yellow alerts used by the Med to indicate sudden weather events is amber (a kind of orange) and red alerts above it.

With at least 11.5 million cars expected to travel across the UK between last Wednesday (21) and tomorrow, meteorologists have also warned drivers of poor driving conditions as school holidays begin in the region. Blocking highways this weekend is likely to cause flooding in some areas.