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The servers will be able to split the debt from GDF Saúde’s plan up to 60 times

Delinquent debts on beneficiaries health plan in the Federal District, GDF health🇧🇷 Those registered in the active debt can be repaid in installments of up to 60. The decree defining the installment terms can be found in the Official Gazette (Ministry of Defense(From Monday (19/12) signed by the Presidency of the Institute of Health Assistance for Civil Servants)Ines-DF🇧🇷

Payment terms are for service holders – active and inactive servants – as well as dependents of beneficiaries who have debts related to monthly subscriptions, co-payments, plus interest, penalties and cash correction amounts.

The decree states that beneficiaries who have installments in arrears will not be able to request new payment terms until they settle the debts in arrears.

Therefore, to request installment or repayment of the debt, the interested parties are required to submit an application at the headquarters of Inas-DF, in addition to submitting the documents listed in the decree. (Check below🇧🇷🇧🇷

Granting of installments is subject to repayment of not less than 5% of the total amount of the consolidated debt.

Read the full rules:

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