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It's not your impression!  Science Proves That Christmas Smell Exists!

It’s not your impression! Science Proves That Christmas Smell Exists!

December is pure nostalgia for many people. It’s time to remember the good things that happened in the year, be with the people you love and build good memories. Some even say that this period is up to Distinctive scent🇧🇷 Is there a scientific explanation for this?

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According to neuroscientist Livia Ciacci, from the Supera method, in an interview with Metrópoles, odors are molecules that are perceived by cells located in the upper part of the nasal cavity. Thus, the piriformis cortex (brain structure) is responsible for the conscious perception of odors and projects the entorhinal cortex to the hippocampus, where there is a consolidation of olfactory memory and connection to the limbic system, the area of ​​emotions.

In other words, aromas have a direct relationship to the processing of emotions and Diary🇧🇷 It can finally be concluded that there is a scent for the end of the year! At least that’s what happens to people who have associated history with certain scents, like the smell of panettone, for example.

Emotions in favor of marketing

The neuroscientist also explains that this phenomenon occurs in other situations and can even be observed as a tool marketing By making use of emotional appeal to attract the consumer.

These scents are present in many places, such as in coffee shops that diffuse scents of goodies or the smell of mallow that is actually an essential oil. Therefore, this holiday season helps awaken olfactory memories that last through the years.

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