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The recall of the Bolsa Família turbocharger was issued today (20) by Caixa Tem

The recall of the Bolsa Família turbocharger was issued today (20) by Caixa Tem

The new phase of the Bolsa Família program promises to bring great values ​​with increased withdrawals for the Brazilian families included. Many families can expect premiums of more than R$600 per month. For some, premiums can reach more than R$1,000 per month. Breaking the thousand mark comes as an innovation in this new round of Bolsa Família, carried out via Caixa, which runs until 30 November. During this period, installments of no less than R$ 600 are expected to be disbursed.

In addition to the minimum value, the new version of the program also supports an individual benefit of R$142 for each family member covered by the project, regardless of age. Additional benefits of R$50 and R$150 are also included. Thus, a family of eight, for example, can expect an enhanced total withdrawal of R$1,136.

How can you find out the value of the Bolsa Família boosted withdrawal through Caixa Tem?

The payment amount is determined by several factors. Family composition, the presence of children and adolescents, and the presence of pregnant women are taken into account, among other criteria. Based on these criteria, the sum of individual benefits is determined, which respects a specific deposit schedule, and determines the total amount that the family will receive.

When and how to withdraw the enhanced Bolsa Familia?

After depositing, the beneficiary family has 120 days, roughly four months, to withdraw the benefit. The deposit is evaluated according to the NIS social identification number, taking into account the end of the number assigned to the responsible family. In this way, the organization tries to ensure that all families have enough time to receive their benefits.

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In the face of this new scenario, many Brazilian families will see a significant improvement in their financial situation. This is reflected not only in the amounts received, but also in the access to other benefits associated with the programme. Therefore, this new phase of Bolsa Familia is an important achievement for many Brazilians searching for a more dignified life and who now see this possibility closer.