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Vasco defeats Pinheiros and qualifies for the quarter-finals of the NBB League |  nbb

Vasco defeats Pinheiros and qualifies for the quarter-finals of the NBB League | nbb

Vasco to the NBB 2023/24 quarter-finals. In a home match, in Ginacio de São Januario, the team beat Pinheiros 85 to 70 on Friday, in the second match of the competition. Because he already won the first competitionVasco is already guaranteed the next stage of the qualifiers.

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Vasco x Pinheiros in the second match of the NBB League quarter-finals – Photo: Mauricio Almeida / Vasco da Gama

Cruz-Maltino started the match well, leading the scoreboard. After that, Vasco increased their advantage and maintained the lead throughout the match. For the quarterfinals, the duels between Franca and Paulistano, São Paulo and Minas have already been decided. In the next stage, Vasco must face the winner of Bauru and Pato, who will play on Saturday, at 5:10 p.m.

The first half started slowly, with both teams studying each other and understanding the pace of the game. At the end of the first stage, Vasco started to gain an advantage on the scoreboard and ended up in the lead 26 points versus 17 From Pinheiros.

Vasco maintained his calm in the second half without much pressure from his opponent. With a good result in attack, the home team only extended the advantage to 41 to 25. The team even managed to increase the score by three at the end. In contrast, Pinheiros scored only eight points in the stage.

Pinheiros started scoring in the third period, looking for a response. Despite his recovery during the stage, Vasco maintained his good performance, and finished the period with more than twenty points: 61 to 40.

In the fourth quarter, Vasco continued to advance and did not give any chance to Pineros, who did not show any reaction. With two three-pointers in the final period, Cruz-Maltino increased the distance to his opponents. Vasco finished the match with a score 85 to 70. Eugenius was the big name in the match, as he scored 27 baskets and broke his own record for points.

In the regular season, Pinheiros finished thirteenth, while Vasco da Gama finished fourth in the table. The two teams faced off in the first farewell stage, which served as training. On that occasion, Pinheiros came out on top.