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The Palestinian Authority reveals the names of 7,000 civilians killed in Gaza in response to Biden

The Palestinian Authority reveals the names of 7,000 civilians killed in Gaza in response to Biden

In fact, the US President said that he “does not trust the number published by the Palestinians.”

Joe Biden and Gaza have been destroyed by Israeli nonsense

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Sputnik Brazil – US President Joe Biden, speaking to the press and after announcing a financial and military package to support Israel, said that he “has no idea” whether what the Palestinian authorities announced about the number of deaths in the country was “true.”

Today (26), following what the President put on the agenda, White House spokesman John Kirby stated that the Gaza Ministry of Health is “merely a cover for the extremist Islamic group Hamas,” reinforcing the disbelief in the numbers presented by the Palestinians.

In response to these accusations, the Palestinian Ministry of Health issued, also today (26), a list containing the names and information about 7,000 citizens who were martyred as a result of the Israeli bombing. The document, which consists of more than 212 pages, is a complete report on the attacks that Palestinians have been subjected to since the beginning of the confrontation on October 7. >>> Read also: The United Nations intensifies its appeal to provide fuel in Gaza as the humanitarian crisis worsens

It contains graphs showing the number of attacks daily so far (26), and the Ministry also explains in detail the methodology for collecting information, saying that the report does not include categories such as “those missing under the rubble; those who were buried directly” without transferring them to hospitals, and whose hospitals were unable to complete Registration processes”.

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“Therefore, the report says, the actual number of martyrs is hundreds of times higher than the number mentioned in this report.” Registration is divided into categories. The dead were classified into men, women, adults, and children, in addition to a graph monitoring the daily number of deaths. The list also includes names, ID number and age.

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The total number of deaths, according to the update, reached 7,028 people, including 2,913 children and 4,115 adults. By gender, the number of women reached 3,129 women and 3,899 men, and the number of unknown persons reached 281 Palestinians.

Ministry of Health spokesman Ashraf Al-Sadiq said, “The Ministry of Health published the names of the martyrs of the Holocaust of the Zionist occupation in the Gaza Strip, which exposes them to US President Joe Biden’s doubts about the number of victims.” Ability. “We confirm that the doors of the Ministry of Health are open so that all institutions can access our work system. Let us teach the world that behind every number is the story of a person whose name and identity are known,” the spokesman added. “Our people are not people who can be ignored.”

The Commission revealed that the official authorities decided to denounce, in detail, all the names, specifically because “the American administration was stripped of all humanitarian standards, morals, and basic human rights values, to speak in the name of the criminal occupier.” [Israel] And blatantly questioning the validity of the announced numbers.”