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A UN committee determines the identity of the Israeli soldier who killed the journalist

A UN committee determines the identity of the Israeli soldier who killed the journalist

Sherine Abu Oqla, Al Jazeera correspondent, was shot in 2022 while covering the conflict between Israel and Arab militants.

The United Nations announced, on Tuesday (October 24, 2023), that it has identified the Israeli leader responsible for the killing of Palestinian-American journalist Sherine Abu Okle in the West Bank in 2022.

The UN Independent International Commission of Inquiry in the occupied Palestinian territory reported that an internal investigation had found use “Unjustified lethal force” What “Intentionally violated the right to life” According to the journalist CNN Brazil.

The accusation is based on forensic analysis and expert testimony before the committee. The organization claims that the fatal bullet was fired by a soldier from the IDF’s Duvdevan unit. The name of the leader was not mentioned.

Abu Aqla, journalist at the channel Al JazeeraHe was shot while covering an attack launched by Israeli forces against militants in the city of Jenin, in May 2022. In internal investigations, the Israeli army stated that he was there “High probability” An Israeli soldier was behind the incident.

Hey Al Jazeera celebrate The United Nations conclusion called for ensuring information “Swift measures to bring justice and hold the killers accountable.”.

“While Al Jazeera calls on the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, Karim Khan, to begin without delay the investigation into the killing of Sherine Abu Uqla, the network renews its commitment to Sherine’s family and colleagues, stressing that it will spare no legal effort and will follow all legal procedures.” Ways to achieve justice for her and hold the killers accountable. This commitment includes supporting the call for the conclusion of the ICC investigation. he wrote.

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