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The Navy has appeared in new images from the Netflix series

The Navy has appeared in new images from the Netflix series

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Series Live action or direct event in one piece getting closer and closer to its catalog debut Netflix The production takes advantage of the fact that all attention is focused on it, revealing more and more details of this universe adapted from the work Iichiro Oda. We already know design For the Straw Hats and other characters, we’ve already seen how Go Mary They have been cloned, and now it’s our turn to see the beautiful snails Den Den Moshi and some members Navy in their releases Live action!

a Netflix brought to life their own versions of Den Den Moshi The photos have already been shared with fans. You Den Den Moshi Snails are used to communication, usually appear on anime like phones or Machines in fax. This happens because these beings have the ability to communicate with each other via telepathy and radio waves, prompting the human being in this universe to take advantage of this ability.

In addition to friendly snails, Netflix She also released photos of the cast Navy. characters like Garp (Vincent Reagan) Hand Morgan’s Axe (Langley Kirkwood) that it Bogard (Armand com. aucamp) appear in this version beside Den Den Moshi. See all of these photos below:

serial director, matt Owens, We talked a little bit about the intention to bring some of the exotic elements that make up the world into the series one piece, Bring snails into moving electronics and explain how these mechanisms work:

“We had a great opportunity to make dolls and it was really fun to play with them. We have a movable device that plugs into the inside of the doll and can make the eye-stalks bend and rotate. They also have different detachable eyeballs so we can give them a variety of expressions and add some movement to the face. IN Sometimes they’re asleep, and their little eyes fall out. They had so much fun,” He said he shared.

But what about you, what do you think of adapting to Den Den Moshi and personalities Navy? swears with the People in the comments!

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