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"The Margarene family is not real" TV news

“The Margarene family is not real” TV news

Tiago Abravanel He expelled the candidates at dawn on Tuesday (1) and revealed his troubled relationship with Silvio Santos. SBT owner’s grandson He explained that he and his mother, Cynthia Abravanel, had always had to deal with rejection from other family members. “family [comercial] Margarine is not real,” the participant launched in BBB 22.

During a conversation with Rodrigo Mossi and Lais Caldas, the cameras of the reality show Globo did not frighten the presenter and took vents about the background of cohabitation with the head of the rival presenter and his aunts, Silvia Abravanel, Renata Abravanel, Rebecca Abravanel, Patricia Abravanel and Daniela Perotti.

“Is he there [a relação] Practically does not exist, contrary to what people think. I’ve learned to deal with it a little lighter today, but I’ve already hurt myself so much, it hurt so much to know that I was celebrating Christmas, and me, my mom, my nephews, the rest of the family were. all together. “I’ve already learned to deal with it,” Abravanel said.

While colleagues in confinement were listening intently, the artist still portrayed: “Family [comercial] Margarine is not real.”

In another part of the conversation, Thiago mentioned that he usually knows about Silvio Santos’ life through social networks. He also emphasized that he always had to deal with people’s harassment due to being the caller’s grandson:

The fact that I was already born into a well-known family, I had to learn to deal with it from a young age. Can you imagine me in high school? I kept seeing the students’ parents waiting to see if Silvio Santos would be at the party. Other than my birthday of one year, he never attended my birthday party.

Rodrygo’s reaction was “Damn! Really? I could never have imagined that.” “I did a TV series on SBT,” famously recalled, referring to the plot of Amor e Révolution (2011). “[As pessoas devem imaginar] “Ah, grandpa put it there [na televisão]Huh?’. was not. The author of the series saw me in the theater, loved my work and invited me to play a character in the series. I even auditioned for a TV series written by Iris [Abravanel]She is my grandfather’s wife, and I did not pass the test,” continued Tiago.

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Despite regretting the situation, the Camarote member analyzed: “I can’t charge something that doesn’t exist, I can’t stand feelings if there’s no relationship, I can’t beg to be loved if I don’t build that love.”

Rodrigo then reinforced his shock when he heard the famous man’s account: “Mad, isn’t it? I watched you and thought it was the perfect family.”

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