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$10 million worth of broadcast equipment up for auction in the UK

REDHILL, England (Reuters) – From camera lenses to trucks, more than 3,000 pieces of equipment used to broadcast and cover major sporting and entertainment events will be auctioned next month, with a total estimated value of $10 million.

The pieces were collected as part of a sale by British broadcaster Arena TV, which declared bankruptcy last year.

Filling three hangars for airports in southern England, cameras, trucks and trailers for outdoor transport, and more than 100 kilometers of cable and other items used for live coverage of events such as Euro 2020, Wimbledon and the Glastonbury Music Festival for Britain’s major networks.

Combined, the pieces are valued at approximately £7.5 million, or $10 million, and will be auctioned by Hickman Shearer and CA Global Partners on behalf of Director Kroll LLP.

“I already see an incredible number of people browsing the site, we already have 1,000 people registered for sales, from Japan, Mexico, Peru and even the French island of Reunion,” said Dan Min, Director of CA Global Partners. Reuters in a view of the items.

“You’d never see a sale this big (of TV equipment), so we’re conservatively estimating £7.5m, but it could be much more than that with the global base of buyers we attract.”

The auction will take place between February 22 and 24, and the trucks and trailers have already been sold.

(Reporting by Chiara Rodriquez)

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