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The Flamengo team supports Vitor Pereira, and Gerson confirms: “Everything is clear.” |  Flamingo

The Flamengo team supports Vitor Pereira, and Gerson confirms: “Everything is clear.” | Flamingo

As for the midfielder, the coach is “getting used” to the club, and the group is committed to cooperation with the Portuguese.

Things don’t always go the way we want them to. Three title shots we missed. But as the master said, we found a way and we can reverse it. Let’s work twice. Let’s support Vitor. He is also adapting and looking for the best team. Let’s support him. Only Everton said we in the dressing room have what it takes to turn the situation around.

Flamengo during penalties against Del Valle – Photo: André Durao

Defender Fabricio Bruno echoed the captain’s words and argued that the Portuguese must be patient, mainly due to the fact that the captain has faced three decisions in just over a month:

– a job. Nothing resists action. We are a very hardworking group. Brazilian football is a bit tough, the master played in 40 days in three finals. You have to give her time. And on top of everything he was doing, we get it very well. is to continue the championship. Our Sunday classic. It’s the best time to turn that switch on. It hurts the heart. We must have the fortitude, flexibility and above all wisdom to face these moments.

a Flamingo He was better in the first half, creating scoring chances and ending up on the crossbar three times. In the second stage, he had a drop in performance, but managed to score in the last minute. On penalties ended in defeat.

Flamengo x del Valle Recopa Maracanã – Photo: André Durão / ge

– Our situation today was different from what we were facing, everyone helps us, and we achieved what the master suggested. From now on, everyone unites and believes in action, we will leave life in the next games as we did today. We don’t like to lose, we get frustrated and we have to turn the switch and face it on Sunday.

Gerson has been more forthcoming about Vitor Pereira’s work. When asked if the team was having difficulties absorbing the leader’s instructions, he vehemently denied it and said that Flamingo I played an excellent match.

– Explain everything well. If you stop by to watch the game, the guys don’t stand a chance. From the start we had chances, the ball hit the post, unfortunately it didn’t go in. Then we fought to the end, got the goal, and went to overtime over the guys again. We went to penalties and lost. It’s not difficult. We all know what he was there to do. We went in, gave life, ran, played an excellent game in my opinion and didn’t manage to win.

The Joker also talked about teaming up to try and beat Vasco, on Sunday, and pull off another tough night for the Reds.

– There is no way. We’re sorry, we’re so sad and so are the fans. Tomorrow we have a training, on Sunday we have a classic, now it will be very difficult to sleep, but it’s together. Only we can change this situation. Not only is Carioca left, but there is still a Brazilian player to start with, Libertadores. I repeat: Flamingo Enter all competitions to win, unfortunately we can not follow. Sunday we will give our lives to win the derby. It will be hard to sleep tonight, but it’s football. tomorrow is another day.

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Saw Ayrton Lucas too Flamingo Develop and guide the team on the right path, stating that the group should redouble efforts to grow in all aspects, from emotional to tactical and technical.

– Vitor is the man who conveys a lot to us. Every game we work and research. Of course, since we didn’t get the title, several things started to come off, but it worked. Only action will change all of that. We have to regret it, but not only in the tactical part. We have to follow everything from now on in unity and will because the season has just begun. It will be important.

Next Sunday, and Flamingo He returns to the Maracanã to play the classic against Vasco, for the Carioca tournament.

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