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“Abel praised the man about whom he said that”; Wagner Mancini is not silent about what he thinks of the Palmeiras coach

Palm trees

The América-MG coach answered the question a fan asked and didn’t even care to shoot

Photo: Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF – Wagner Mancini

In July last year, in the valid match for the 18th round of the Brazilian championship, Palm trees America-MG visited and won 1 to 0 – With a great goal from Gustavo Scarpa – in independence. With the result at the time of the competition organized by the Brazilian Football Confederation, Verdão ended up being symbolic champions for the first round before the title was confirmed at the end of the season.

on that occasion, Coach Abel Ferreira shed the spirit of the club and resigned himself to the work Wagner Mancini was doing in Coelho. The Palmeiras idol took the opportunity to praise the opponent’s action and tried to find the best words to answer the question posed regarding the opponent of that opportunity.

Abel said at the time: “I think Mancini is one of the best Brazilian coaches. If the club gives him time, as Palmeiras gave me, the opportunity that I had, America will definitely produce results. This is not the first time I’ve played against him.” The Portuguese multi-champion responded to Alviverdi.

Photo: Ettore Chiereguini/AGIF – Abel Ferreira

Is Palmeiras the best candidate to beat Pulistao?

Is Palmeiras the best candidate to beat Pulistao?

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On Tuesday night (28), the Belo Horizonte team faces Tocantinopolis, in the first phase of the Copa do Brasil, at Estadio Joao Ribeiro. before the ball rolls, Mancini was grabbed by a fan in the stands to counter Porco Gringo. Abel praised the man who said this about him: “Good coach, but unbearable,” replied America’s captain.

The video of the moment when Wagner Mancini did not shut up and was genuine about what he thought about the work of Abel Ferreira began to circulate on social networks. The content ended up reaching Palmeiras fans and has repercussions on the web. He said it out of nowhere. It is worth noting that Palmeiras and America-MG must face each other in Brazil on July 30 and November 26.

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