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Bahia x Santos: where to watch live, time and lineup |  Brazilian series A

Bahia x Santos: where to watch live, time and lineup | Brazilian series A

Santos 3 x 0 Bahia – Best Moments – Round 5 of the 2023 Brazilian League

Bahia is on the rise after beating Coritiba 4-2 in Ruggero Ceni’s first appearance as team president. The result puts Tricolor four points ahead of their opponents tonight, the first team in the relegation zone in the Brazilian league. Bahian expect to maintain their good form, this time in front of their home fans, and take more time from the defeat to be able to think higher on the leaderboard.

Santos is going through a critical moment in the tournament. After three consecutive defeats to Minas Gerais in the competition, Peixe fired coach Diego Aguirre. Moreover, direct competitors in the fight against relegation gained an advantage, and even if Bahia wins, the team will not leave Z-4. The confrontation against Tricolor from Bahia is very important for the club to try to respond in the table.

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Bahia – Coach: Rogerio Ceni

Rogero Ceni is expected to repeat the rule of the team that beat Coritiba in the last round. The coach is awaiting the return of Vitor Hugo, who was suspended in the last match, and is likely to resume his position in the starting lineup instead of Raul Gustavo. In the middle, Rezende is out of the game and must make way for Acevedo.

Possible team: Marcos Felipe; Gilberto, Cano, Raul Gustavo [Vitor Hugo] and Camilo Candido; Acevedo, Iago Felipe and Taciano; Ademir, Rafael Ratau and Everaldo.

Santos – Coach: Marcelo Fernandez

Interim coach Marcelo Fernandez is responsible for trying to end Santos’ negative streak this season. To do this, the coach must promote changes in the tactical scheme and return to the team lineup.

For example, midfielders Lucas Lima, who started the match against Cruzeiro on the bench, and Sotildo, who was suspended and has yet to start since being brought back into the team, return. On the other hand, Rodrigo Fernandez and Mendoza are absent.

Possible team: Joao Paulo; Joao Basso, Joaquim and Dodo; Lucas Braga, Tomás Rincon, Jean Lucas, Lucas Lima and Kiveson; Sotildo and Marcos Leonardo.

  • Embezzlement: Rodrigo Fernandez (suspension), Alisson (left knee injury), Sandri (left knee injury), Felipe Jonathan (left knee injury), Alex Nascimento (right ankle strain), and Mendoza (right calf strain).
    Messias, Dudu, Gabriel Inocencio, Camacho, Sandri, Jean Lucas and Marcos Leonardo.
  • to rule: Ramon Abate Appel (FIFA-SC);
  • Assistant Referee 1: Alex dos Santos (SC);
  • Assistant Referee 2: Thiago Americano Labs (SC);
  • Fourth ruling: José Reyes de Jesus, Jr. (Bachelor);
  • Video referee: Carlos Eduardo Nunes Braga (RJ).

Arena Fonte Nova hosts Bahia x Santos — Photo: Felipe Oliveira/EC Bahia