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The documentary goes behind the scenes of the partnership between the MPB giants

The documentary goes behind the scenes of the partnership between the MPB giants

The documentary “Elis & Tom – Só Nunca de Ser com Você”, directed by Roberto de Oliveira and Jome Top Azoulay, premieres on Thursday (21) throughout the country. The film chronicles the recording process of Elis & Tom’s 1974 album, which was a hit in several countries and marked the careers of the two MPB icons.

Oliveira signs direction alongside Azoulay and script with Nelson Mota. The film was produced by Rinoceronte Entretenimento and distributed by O2 Play. This album contains the song “Águas de Março”, one of the most re-recorded Brazilian songs of all time. Roberto de Oliveira, Ellis Regina’s manager at the time, says he had the idea to promote the meeting and record a joint album.

The album was recorded in Los Angeles, USA. “When I got there I realized I had to film it. I realized I was experiencing a historical event.” Some excerpts of the footage have already been released over the years, but Oliveira has preserved more than five hours of recordings for nearly 50 years.

The film has undergone image processing and will be released in 4K. With the help of artificial intelligence, the director claims that it was possible to make the sound as clean and clear as possible. “It is as if we are inside the studio. The film narrates the turbulent beginning of the work, the adjustments and the final dedication to a flawless work.

“We made the film with this distance in time that allowed us to have a complete idea of ​​what happened. What happened fills me with joy because we see music there that was purely Brazilian. I think they are two characters that make us proud to belong to this country,” concludes Roberto de Oliveira.


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