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“Now I can’t stay silent at all,” says Tarciana Medeiros, CEO of BB.

“Now I can’t stay silent at all,” says Tarciana Medeiros, CEO of BB.

“Now I can’t stay silent at all,” says Tarciana Medeiros, CEO of BB.

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“It’s a lot for a woman!”. This was one of the comments she received Tarsiana Medeiros, President of the Bank of BrazilWhat The salary increase proposal was rejected by 56.7%. By the general assembly of BB shareholders. For her, the “unnecessary discussion” about pay exposed her personal life and made her the target of what she called an “internet court.”

“I realized that it wasn’t about me. That it wasn’t about my personal situation. It was about me being a woman occupying a space of power. A space that ‘should’ belong to someone else. Now I can’t “I remain absolutely silent.” Women at the Summit 2024Today, Saturday 4.

On the 26th, her salary was adjusted by 4.62% – the same increase given to BB’s vice presidents and board members. If your salary increases by 56.7%, as initially required, your wages will rise from R$74,972 to R$117,470.

BB’s president, Tarciana Medeiros, is ranked as the 24th most powerful woman in the world in Forbes’ 2023 rankings.

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According to a survey he conducted ForbesIf the raise is given fairly, adding Tarciana’s other bonuses, her annual earnings could approach R$4 million. Although she was judged on the basis of the amount she could earn, the amount was still less than what her peers – men – received in the private sector.

“How many of us have lost credibility in our work environment? As long as our society is unequal, and as long as we do not own up to our role in striving for equality, we will face situations like this.”

In this regard, the President of the Bank stressed the importance of having a strong support network among women. “Something we have to learn from the men,” he noted. For her, there is no longer time for women to compete with each other.

“I realized the importance of this support network,” says Tarsiana Medeiros, CEO of BB

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Source: Redacao Terra

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