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Luciano Xavier says he will have another operation

Luciano Xavier says he will have another operation

Luciano Xavier, 53, will have another operation soon, due to precipitated arthritis due to Covid-19. Recently, the actor was hospitalized due to intestinal compression after the colostomy bag was removed.

“I have severe pain while walking, squatting, or even sleeping, I wake up several times. I will have a very advanced surgery in which I will put a ceramic prosthesis that usually lasts 20-30 years and that will help me return to walking without pain and doing my sport,” he said. Ambassador in an interview with O Globo newspaper.

He explained that he was only waiting for medical approval for the operation and that he wanted to do so in August and September – when he would have a prosthesis on each leg.

“Then, in October or November, I want to do all my sports. Jiu Jitsufor walking and theatre.

I’m in pain all day, I’m used to pain, but no one deserves it. Luciano Ambassador

The actor spoke about his most recent hospitalization.

“It was very difficult when I got sick and had to go back to the hospital in June. I got there and had to insert a probe, get through the drain, it was very complicated. But the word for the day for me is ‘patience,'” he said.

“Last year, I spent about 70 days in the hospital. There is no point in wanting to go back to health overnight, and no point in thinking that everything will go quickly. For what I have been through, I think my general return has been swift.” I feel good, I feel empowered.”

A colostomy bag was placed on the abdominal wall of Luciano Xavier due to complications of COVID-19. Displayed with a medical device at Sao Paulo Fashion Week in December 2021.

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