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As the series “America” ​​returns to television, remember the story of Bandido the Bull  television

As the series “America” ​​returns to television, remember the story of Bandido the Bull television

Murilo Benicio as Tiao in a scene from the TV series “America” ​​with Bandido the bull Reproduction

This November, one of author Gloria Pérez’s most famous works returns to television: “América,” which will be re-premiered on the subscription channel Viva. The series originally aired in 2005 and starred Murilo Benicio, Deborah Secco, Iliane Giardini, and Murilo Rosa… and also included Bandido the Bull in the cast.

  • Reboot: Deborah Seko celebrates the re-show of the program “América” ​​on Viva and recalls the problems that occurred during the recordings: “I entered the river at a temperature of – 2 ° C”
  • partnership: In Mussum — O filmis, Neusa Borges and Ailton Graca play mother and son, as in America.

The plot tells the story of Sol (Deborah Secco) and Tiao (Murilo Benicio). The young woman dreamed of moving to the United States for a better life. In order to be able to travel – by illegally crossing the border with Mexico – she goes to Boyaderos, a fictional city located within the country, to ask her godmother Nyota (Elian Giardini) for money. There Sol meets Tiao, an honest and hardworking horseman, who dreams of becoming a rodeo champion, and the two fall in love. In the center of this rural plot in the interior appears Bandido, a bull who in real life has already become famous for defeating several walkers.

Bandido the Bull, who starred in the series “America” and died in 2009 – Image: Disclosure

Even before appearing in “America,” Bandido was already considered the best rodeo bull in the country, having downed more than 200 rodeo bulls in arenas throughout his lifetime. One of them was Niliwan Tomazelli, who broke his vertebrae after being thrown six meters by Bandido in 2001 – in Gloria Perez’s plot, he recreated the scene of this shocking moment, as Tiao (Murilo Benicio) confronts Bandido in the arena.

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Bandido was known around the world in the world of horse riding. His expression and the way he dug the ground with his horns were successful. It weighed a ton and was owned by businessman Paulo Emilio Márquez. His routine was strict: it included a balanced diet, constant check-ups, and physical exercises such as swimming and walking.

The Bull Bandido retired in 2008. That same year, skin cancer was discovered near his left eye. The animal underwent treatments, but did not survive and died at the age of 15 in January 2009, after the disease spread to other parts of the body. He was buried in Parque do Peão de Barretos, where a monument was built in his honour.

At least three versions of the Bandido were produced. The famous bull had about 70 offspring and left more than two thousand doses of frozen semen.