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Carolina Ferraz has been excluded from the anniversary exhibition of “Fantástico”.

Carolina Ferraz has been excluded from the anniversary exhibition of “Fantástico”.

Carolina Ferraz has been excluded from Fantástico’s anniversary show

Photo: Reproduction / Social Networks

Actress and presenter Carolina Ferraz was excluded from the panels at the “Fantástico – O Show da Vida” exhibition in São Paulo. Current presenter Amazing Sunday He has been waging a legal battle against the broadcaster since 2017, demanding recognition of his employment relationship and payment of R$7 million in labor rights.

The interactive set from which Carolina was excluded is part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of Globo’s flagship Sunday programme. To celebrate the anniversary, the radio held several celebrations and honored the personalities who contributed to commemorating the anniversary amazing Over the years.

Among them, a panel of all the main presenters who were responsible for the attraction, in the exhibition available for public viewing at the Solar Fábio Prado, in São Paulo. All previous lecturers there:

  • Valeria Montero, Doris Jesse, William Bonner, Celso Freitas, Marcos Hamill, Helena Ranaldi, Fátima Bernardes, Sandra Annenberg, Pedro Biel, Gloria María, Patricia Bueta, Zica Camargo, Renata Vasconcelos, Renata Seribelli and even virtual presenter Eva Payet.

Panel with Fantástico presenters

Image: Reproduction/Fantastico Gallery

The only thing not on the board is the former Globo, which is introduced today Amazing Sunday, from the record. Carolina Ferraz presented the program between 1992 and 1993, with Doris Jesse and Celso Freitas.

Source: Redacao Terra

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