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The crucial role of the family

The crucial role of the family

Alzheimer’s disease is a complex disease that affects millions of people around the world, and data reveals that 80% of cases go undiagnosed.

Detecting early symptoms can be difficult, but families play a key role in early identification and support of patients. Knowing the initial signs is the first step to ensuring the best treatment and quality of life for our loved one.

One of the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease is memory deterioration. Patients may begin to forget appointments, last names, treatment procedures, and even everyday facts, and they become more repetitive. Furthermore, they may find it difficult to follow conversations, name things, and may frequently lose things and put them in non-routine places.

In addition, people with Alzheimer’s disease often become disoriented in time and space. They can get lost in familiar places and have trouble doing everyday tasks, such as cooking, organizing the house, and carrying out their work routine. When you see a decline in your functionality, it seems like a big red flag.

Another revealing sign is a change in the patient’s behavior. People who were previously calm may become more anxious or depressed. Interests and hobbies may be abandoned, and the patient may show a lack of interest in activities that he used to love. When a family notices these increasing challenges, it is essential to seek professional help, because early diagnosis can be the key to effective treatment.

When these signs are recognized, the family should be alert and seek professional help as soon as possible.

And in Omurama, Dr. Carla Dal Ponte It truly stands out in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. The doctor specializes in the field of geriatric medicine and has a highly qualified team to provide the best care for those suffering from this and many other diseases.

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“Alzheimer’s disease is a silent disease that spreads very quickly if it is not diagnosed and treated in advance. Therefore, the family plays a vital role and can help a lot in the treatment of their loved ones,” comments Dal Ponte. Make an appointment today and take better care of those you love. Dr. Carla Dal Ponte works at the Mentalle Clinic, located at Rua Amambai, 3215. If you prefer, click here And send on WhatsApp. To enter the site click here. Follow Instagram by clicking here And stay informed of all the news

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