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Tesla Model S “flying” through the streets of Los Angeles (video)

Bad thoughts always come to those who have nothing to do and one of them has recently spread to the United States. A driver decided to drive his Tesla Model S on a Los Angeles street.

David Dobrik had the irresponsible idea of ​​hopping with his Tesla Model S on a street in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. For this, he chose a road with a large elevation in the middle of the road.

With a number of friends equipped with smartphones and video cameras to record the effect, including YouTuber Alex Choi.

Tesla flies 2

Choi commented on the scene, where Dobrik accelerates his Tesla to an effect similar to car chases in the movies.

Very quickly during the ascent, Dobrik’s model simply took off when it reached the highest point of the street, where it was the “spectators” who scored the jump from different angles.

When passing through the intersection where young men with cameras in hand, the Model S must have been one meter high, but quickly rose to a height and may have reached three meters after passing.

Tesla flies 3

When I finally got off, Dobrik’s Tesla Model S hit the asphalt and Dobrik only managed to swerve one of the parked cars onto the road, hitting another that had been parked.

When it hit the ground, the front part came out and the car climbed onto the sidewalk and stopped on the other side of the street.

On the way down the street, where the car crashed, the wreckage of the Model S looked like the remnants of a flattened plane, scattered across many feet of the street.

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Tesla flies 4

According to Choi, no one was hurt inside the Model S, which still had a cat inside. The car hit some trash cans and the Subaru Forester is parked, causing damage to its owner.

At the end of the video, it looked like a big joke, which did not take into account the lives of pedestrians, other drivers and even local residents.

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