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Sylvinho praises Joe Victor and talks about opportunities for young people in Corinthians

Sylvinho praises Joe Victor and talks about opportunities for young people in Corinthians

NS Corinthians beat Grêmio 1-0 on Saturday night. For the 18th round of the Brazilian Championship, Arena do Grêmio was the scene of another strong match by João Victor. Realizing this, Sylvino did not spare the praise for the young man and mentioned other promises to the actors.

The coach said: “Joao is a player who has grown a lot, he has a lot of quality, he is very young, he is building and we saw potential in him from the start. They are young talents that are maturing.”

In addition to Joao Victor, Sylvinho has commented on Du Queiroz and Vitinho, who also played against Grêmio. The second, by the way, helped to achieve Joe’s goal, while the first was given the task of replacing Wagner.

“I allow myself to put Dou as a very young athlete who has played a good game. He is not an easy field, an easy opponent, and he has faced opponents against strong players. He did not feel the match. We were happy, Vitinho is back too. The better organized we are, the results will follow. I seize. This opportunity to talk about defense. Our best defender is our system, I’ve always believed in that. It’s clear that our athletes live in isolated acts, we’ve already talked about a good João match. An opportunity, we’re managing it well for them to take advantage of.”

After that, the coach satisfied with the duo of Joao Victor, the experienced Gil. Sylvinho stressed that the performance of defenders is part of everyone’s job.

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“Like Du, Vitinho, João Victor, who grew up alongside Gil. This partnership is good, an experienced generation, they have achievements, they are in a very good position. They help each other a lot. This is our whole process and our defensive system is fruitful, not the two.” Just.It starts there with Joe who directs the line.The athletes are put on the field and I’m glad, I was that young man.

The coach has a free week to train the team. Next, he will face Juventud on September 7, 9:30 p.m., at the New Coimica Arena.

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