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Filipao "attacks" the refereeing and reveals the history of Grêmio with Ricardo Marquez at the whistle: "16 or 17 defeats"

Filipao “attacks” the refereeing and reveals the history of Grêmio with Ricardo Marquez at the whistle: “16 or 17 defeats”

NS Syndicate I was Defeated by 1 x 0 fur Corinthians, last Saturday night, at the Arena, in Porto Alegre, and Missed the opportunity to leave the landing zone Act Brazilian Championship. After two consecutive wins in the final rounds, Tricolor lost the match and header against the São Paulo team, leaving the field. rebuke with arbitration Ricardo Marquez Ribeiro.

Still in the first stage Syndicate complain about a Presumed unmarked penalty On Ravinia. The second half, nearly 35 minutes, it was Throw that originated from the goal of Joe, who took advantage of a cross pass to score with his head, drive players crazy. midfielder what is It was more exalted and it’s over Disqualified by complaint.

At a press conference, coach Luiz Felipe Scolari did not hide his anger at the referee, pointing to Grêmio’s poor record with Ricardo Marquez Ribeiro at the whistle. “There are 34 Grêmio matches that this referee whistled. There are 5 victories in Gremio. There are 16 or 17 losses. Were all these games that bad? a stranger. But Corinthians did their job, and they won the congratulations“Asked.

We competed because he didn’t give Rafinha a penalty. Rafinha was shamefully pushed into the area. Whether he is involved in the giving or not, it means nothing. Not VAR Camel. Very strange to me”, added Filipao, who intends to have an internal conversation, but also with the Brazilian Football Confederation about the referee from Minas Gerais.

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I intend to run with the direction, with a conversation between us and the players and also with the Brazilian Federation. Because if any behavior is wrong on our part, we should also look at what the referee has done today. We have to be careful, yes, we have to analyze, and to strike a balance. but We also have to talk to the people who run Brazilian football. Difficult“, Completed.