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Rayssa Leal shines and wins the first stage of the World Skate League

Rayssa Leal shines and wins the first stage of the World Skate League

Silver Medal Winner we Tokyo OlympicsRayssa Leal won the opening stage of the 2021 World Skate Street League (SLS) season, which was held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, today (28).

The current SLS World Champion, Pamela Rosa, also did well in the final and finished fourth.

Risa Lil

The Brazilian skater crashed on her first maneuver, but didn’t give up on the return. After getting up, Rayssa Leal put in a good streak of moves and got the second highest score in the first round, with a 4.5.

Abusing style and exploring the fender well, Rayssa Leal had a string of good scores in the second round: 5.7, 6.6, 5.9 – and one discarded – ensuring that she is among the top four, in the lead. So she got two chances to raise her score.

At first, Risa Lil mismanaged the maneuver and fell back to second. In the second, the skater again hits a great maneuver on the handrail, and with the 8.5 note – the highest of the day – she overtook Japan’s Funa Nakayama, bronze medalist at the Olympics and took the title.

pink pamela

Pamela Rosa started her bosom well, executing two maneuvers and imposing a crazy pace. But in the sequence, the player fell twice and her first 45 seconds finished on the note 2.4, giving her seventh place

In the second round, with four attempts at maneuvers, Pamela Rosa ignored the pressure for the first low tone and hit a beautiful series of maneuvers, taking notes 5.6, 6.2, 4.6 – and leaving – to secure a place in the top four, in fourth, with two chances to raise the score.

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On the last lap, Pamela Rosa missed both attempts and remained in fourth place.

The road to the final

Risa Leal reached the final in second place behind Japan’s Funa Nakayama – Bronze medalist in Tokyo – while Pamela Rosa got the fifth best result.

Brazilians Leticia Buffoni and Marina Gabriela did not get a place in the top eight and bid farewell to the semi-final competition.