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Sthe blames Dynho for starting the courtship

The relationship between Dynho Alves and Sthe Matos have long been suspicious of A Fazenda 13. While some saw a friendly relationship and brotherhood, Rico Melquiades, MC Mirella and the audience They saw something more and this was confirmed by TikToker in the early hours of Sunday (5).

in conversation with Aline Mineiro, Stevie Fearing that it will be scrapped by the public and family, the former Panikat promises to give a signal if it is eradicated, warning that putting the two is out of the house. The Tiktoker also said that he touched Dynho’s private parts three times and that the pawn was excited.


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curious aline He asks if interest exists between the two: “And what is the real exchange?” NS sti stampede: “started it”. “Swears? I have no faith.”answer girlfriend Leo Linz And the friend continues: “Okay… Once it starts, let’s finish it. If it starts, it ends.”

I already expect your engagement has descended from there, Stefane Matos plays with Aline Mineiro Who should already be single and need a new home: “I’m on the street, Elaine. I don’t have a house anymore, I don’t have a family. We have to live together.”. The two people ended the conversation with laughter.

Stay tuned for full coverage of Farm 13 on TV Observatory And in our area No YouTube channel!

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