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Rodolfo posted a photo in honor of Juliet and netizens Shibam: "Dating"

Rodolfo posted a photo in honor of Juliet and netizens Shibam: “Dating”

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Rodolfo used his Instagram on Friday, December 3 to honor Juliette on her birthday. The singer left a sweet letter to the lawyer, which ended up getting everyone to charge her as a couple, even the famous.

“Mothers of happiness suck the mouth with their hands!!! May God bless you with health and success!! “Rodolfo wrote on Instagram. For those who don’t know, he and Juliet together participated in the same edition of Big Brothers Brasil 2021, and were a huge hit, gaining thousands of followers.

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“It’s not just the fans, the same shiba friends are two of them, and they have more charisma than the couples out there. Their own shiba family”, said one of the Internet users. Over a million people ship them kkkkkk and you are embarrassed. Really shibo, my husband! “Another said.

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Juliet celebrates her birthday

Juliet used her Instagram on Friday, December 3, to report that she had turned 32. The famous published a huge text talking about the year 2021 and its achievements.

“About the craziest year of my life. The pandemic has already wiped out a few things, except for one dogma. I put all my hope into reality (I know utopian), but it was something. And it was! It was sooooo… I have matured in 3 months what I never imagined before. I have tried incredible things. I cried and smiled, became a singer, found myself in a new challenging situation, and met people I had always been a fan of.”, I wrote.

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