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Marília Mendonça's legacy will be defended with feminine names - Entertainment

Marília Mendonça’s legacy will be defended with feminine names – Entertainment

Marilia Mendonca was the greatest country singer of the past decade. the artist, Who died a month ago after the plane he was on crashed in the Karatinga MG mountainsThey reshaped the music scene and made women the protagonists of their own stories. As an actress of the so-called “feminejo”, she gave voice to topics such as betrayal, love and separation, thus winning millions of fans all over Brazil.

However, for many today to hold prominent positions, names such as Irmas Galvão, Inesita Barroso (1925-2015) and Roberta Miranda arrived before and broke ground when the scene was still predominantly male. Over the 74 years of partnership, for example, sisters Marie and Marilyn Galvão built one of the most solid careers in Brazilian music. Altogether, they have recorded more than a thousand records and sold about 11 million copies.

In an interview with R7Shortly after the duo’s end was announced, Marie spoke about the beginning of the path and the bias they experienced for being women. “We know it’s powerful. A lot of things we could and didn’t do. We didn’t because they didn’t give us a chance. And that was true for us. If we could start from scratch now, we’d do everything differently.”

Marília Mendonça, who bore all these other artists who preceded her, was also responsible for inspiring many singers of the new generation, such as Maiara, Maraisa, Yasmin Santos, Lauana Prado, Mari Fernandez, Luiza (from the duet with Maurílio) and the sisters Julia and Raffaella. Learn more about the women who will follow the legacy of the Queen of Suffering:

Mayara and Marisa

Although the duo Maiara and Maraisa have built a successful career, it is impossible not to include them on this list. Together, the three have written an important chapter of Brazilian music with projects such as Now they are (2018), mistresses (2020) H Mistresses 35% (2021). With last year’s work, they were nominated for a Latin Grammy in the Best Sertaneja Music Album category.

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In a text published on social media, on November 13, Mayara highlighted the artist’s importance in Brazilian art history. “You have given a voice to women. You have conquered eternity. They are on national and international success charts. On walls in urban street art. On paintings around the world. On T-shirts, tattoos, lettering, in posts, in repertoires, in prayer and always will be in Our hearts forever.”

Jasmine Santos

The singer, who at the beginning of her career had to deal with comparisons with Marilia, gradually conquered her own space. Declare a hit fan Unfaithful, The artist was born in the city of Guaruja on the coast of São Paulo.

It was the first success Longing hard level. The single, released in 2018, was among the 10 most played songs on broadcast platforms and radio stations across the country. In 2019, she recorded her first DVD titled Jasmine Santos – Live in Sao Paulo. At that time, the audiovisual project involved Mayara, Marisa Wesley Savadao, Gustavo Miuto and Marilia herself.

to me R7The artist spoke about Marilia’s role in building her music career. “The name Marília Mendonça was the first big step for a woman, and I think she was the one who opened the doors for me and so many other singers so I had the opportunity to come out big today. I’ve always wanted to represent women with my voice, and I did. She taught me how to do that, to read people’s feelings.” Basically and turn it into music.”

Lawana Prado

Lawana Prado, 32, has gained national fame with her music guinea pig, in 2018, with the participation of the duo Mayara and Marisa. At that time, it is noteworthy that Marilia Mendonca paid tribute to the country singer in a video clip on social networks. “He sings a lot,” he said.

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The singer, who participated in the musical reality show, also has some successful compositions. Roberta Miranda, Edson, Hudson, Rionegro and Solimos are some of the names who have recorded songs written for them.

In October, she presented Lauana Natural, a project consisting of three albums recorded in the state of Tocantins, where sertaneja grew up. At that time, in an interview with R7, she talked about going back to her origins and the reference chosen for the last work.

“The repertoire is very connected to my artistic personality. My songs really have that upbeat and lively vibe, and in this project it couldn’t be any different. We explored all the polyphony with other musical styles, and for me, it was really great to continue telling my story with such responsibility, which is Bring my hometown and state name,” he said.

Produced by Gabriel Pascoal, the first part of natural >> adjective It reached the public a little less than a year after the release of the third album, Delivered. The musical project earned Lauana a nomination for the Latin Grammy, in 2020, in the Best Sertaneja Music Album category.

husband Fernandez

Mariana Fernandez de Sousa, better known as Marie Fernandez, gained fame across Brazil with this hit No. I am not going. The 20-year-old singer, who was born in the municipality of Alto Santo, Ceará state, started her career as a teenager. first album suffering pisserReleased in April of this year.

In November, the artist used social media to celebrate another milestone. Her picture was displayed on a billboard in Times Square, USA. “I admit I spent 20 minutes zooming in on my cell phone screen wondering if it was real, or not a montage. Mariana from Alto Santo, Ceará, ended up in Times Square, USA, in the most desirable advertising spot in the world. There was my picture , and my work had an incredible vision. People from all over the world see my face,” he shook.

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Luisa (Luisa and Morelio)

Luisa was born in Belo Horizonte. In 2016, when she went on vacation to Imperatriz, in the state of Maranhão, the singer met Maurilo, with whom she will share performances throughout Brazil. The singer explained, “For a friend’s birthday, I invited him to take to the stage with me. The synergy was so good that we created the duo there. It worked.”

Since the beginning, the Internet has played a fundamental role in the growth of the partnership. Gradually, videos posted on YouTube began to reach millions of fans. The first performances were given in bars in the southeastern region of Maranhão.

In 2019, it is worth noting that the duo recorded the track Signal penetrationIn partnership with Marília Mendonça. One of the duo’s biggest songs is the song homesickThat includes Neto and Cristiano.

Julia and Rafaela

The twins Julia and Raffaella were raised in Campo Verde, Mato Grosso. The two, who started their careers at just 5 years old, were influenced by their father. Country singers, who have started posting some videos covering great music names, have already amassed millions of views on digital platforms.

Marilia Mendonca made women the heroines of Certanejo