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Steve Jobs turned off his iPhone for one reason - and why should you try it - Small Business Big Business

Steve Jobs turned off his iPhone for one reason – and why should you try it – Small Business Big Business

Steve Jobs during the demo of the first iPhone (Image: Youtube clone)

New book written by a former assistant Steve JobsNaz Beheshti reveals some secrets or unknown information about the former CEO of a company an Apple. One of them is that he never turned himself off Iphone. Pause book. The same. Choose .: Be the CEO of your well-being (no Portuguese version).

Think about it in a world in pandemicAs digital has become practically the only window into the world for many people, it should come as no surprise. Your reader must definitely have already come across analyzes of the harms of overconnection.

According to the book, Jobs only hung up the call when he entered the office of Johnny Eve, Apple’s former chief of design. Here, some of the most iconic tech devices of the last 20 years have appeared.

When Jobs came to see prototypes or prototypes of everything the Eve team was working on, he would turn off his iPhone. “We lost our heads while trying to contact him, trying to push him to attend meetings,” says Beheshti, the book. “At one point, we had to call Johnny’s office and ask him to help get Steve out of a break. The time he spent with Johnny gave him space and the opportunity to laugh, imagine, be creative, and feel a renewed sense of freedom.”

Portal columnist Jason Aton To comment The most effective way to develop creativity is to provide time to ‘play’ – something we always recommend for children, but which we forget to maintain over time. In adulthood there is always something to do and any moment of free time can be considered unproductive.

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But in addition to the next mental oxygenation, Aton comments that the act of switching off the phone in the presence of another person, whether it’s your team or your family, is one of the greatest gestures of respect nowadays. It indicates that nothing in the outside world could be as important as that moment.

Aton also adds that hanging up the phone is a way to reprogram the brain to live in an offline world, and that it’s okay to be a disconnected person for a few minutes, without having to check notifications every 90 seconds.