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YouTube Channel suggests AMD may release FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) in June [Rumor]

YouTube Channel suggests AMD may release FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) in June [Rumor]

The rumors have been spread by Coreteks, a channel with a history of leaks about AMD

There is a lot of speculation about the potential of FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR), and a response AMD Paragraph o Deep Learning Ultra Sampling (DLSS) da NVidia. To add more fuel to the fire of rumors, the YouTube channel known as Coreteks has released information that has not yet been officially confirmed, but that could mean that the emergence of this valuable resource is not too far away.

According to rumors, the company has already made the technology available to some developers, and it will launch soon – June 2021. Details of the performance gains have not been revealed yet – it has just been said that “performance looks good”, but without specific benchmarks for comparison.

Unlike DLSS, which runs at the end of the graphics pipeline, FidelityFX Super Resolution will be used before, as it does not require much of the development team and eliminates the need for AI training. The desired end result will be obtained more easily, making it possible for the technology to reach the players as quickly as possible.

Officially, AMD stated that the FSR will be launched later this year; However, this information setting the June deadline lacks specific sources – despite the positive record of the aforementioned YouTube channel.

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Coreteks also commented that FidelityFX Toolkit features will be compatible not only with the company’s video cards, but also with Nvidia hardware. Although it is not impossible for this to happen, only time will tell if AMD is interested in offering an optimization package that also improves the performance of the competition.

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The main difference that many consumers expect from FSR is that it ultimately makes Ray Tracing on AMD graphics cards more efficient and accessible, allowing the game to run at a good frame-per-second (FPS) rate, so that it can be enjoyed simultaneously. New visual effects with good fluidity – just like DLSS, primarily 2.0, with RTX clipboards.

Minimal negative impact on picture quality and improved performance are the two primary factors that make this technology a long-awaited novelty, not only for those who play on PC, but also on current generation consoles – Xbox Series S | X and PlayStation 5.

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