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Statistics and information for betting on the Brazilian Cup match

Statistics and information for betting on the Brazilian Cup match

Portuguesa-RG and Cuiaba will face each other on Tuesday evening (12), at 8 pm, at the Estadio Luso Brasileiro, in the second stage of the Brazilian Cup. The game is unique, as whoever wins qualifies for the third stage of the national competition.

There are many chances for you to win the Brazilian Cup match. Our betting proposition here is for Cuyaba to win, who has lower odds as he is the favorite to advance in the competition.

Who will be classified at this stage? This will be the first confrontation between Portuguesa RJ and Cuiaba. While Rio surpassed Audax in the previous stage, Dorado defeated Real Noroeste in the first stage of the Brazilian Cup.

So far, Portuguesa RJ has taken just zero shots per game in the competition, compared to Cuiaba's six. Furthermore, Rio is averaging three yellow cards per match, compared to two for the opposition at this stage.

Potential expansions

Portuguese-RJ:Marquinhos; Jose, Diego Guerra, Pedro Botelho, Parra; Wellington Cesar, Nene Bonilla; Vinicius Garcia, Anderson Rosa, Romarinho, Hernan. Coach: Caio Cotto.

Cuiabá: Walter; Matthews Alexander, Bruno Alves, Marlon, Ramon; Guilherme Madruga, Lucas Mineiro, Fernando Sobral, Derek Lacerda, Deverson, Isidro Pita. Coach: Luiz Fernando Jubilee.

Portuguesa – RG x Cuiaba
Date and time: 03/12/2024 at 8 pm
Location: Brazilian Luso Stadium, Ilha do Governador-RJ
Where to watch: Prime Video

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