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Evandro confirms that Santa Cruz will be without a national division in 2024

Evandro confirms that Santa Cruz will be without a national division in 2024

According to Evandro Carvalho, Santa Cruz's chances of competing in the fourth division this year ended last Monday.

The remote expectation that Santa Cruz might compete in Serie A in 2024 has ended. At least that's what the president of the Pernambuco Football Association, Evandro Carvalho, suggests. In short communication with report NE45The state football captain stated that the lack of time to amend the competition regulations decided the fate of Tricolor do Arruda.

This information was previously revealed in an interview conducted between the head of the organization and journalist Jorge Soares. From Radio Club. Therefore, according to Evandro, there will be no opportunity for Mais Querido to enter the competition through withdrawals from other states or even to compete in Series E, which the CBF will not create in 2024.

“Any possibility of expanding Series D was completely ruled out yesterday. It's not going to happen. Also, establishing Series E has become legally impossible. So, since there are no withdrawals that would make it viable, it makes us see an opportunity to play Santa Cruz. And since there aren't, “In our opinion, any possibility of a local withdrawal from our state, we also do not have other states that we can reflect in the national ranking and come in our favor. I would say that we cannot make Santa Cruz's participation viable,” stated Evandro Carvalho.

Evandro Carvalho and Ednaldo Rodriguez.  Photo: Leslie Ribeiro/Brazilian Confederation
Evandro Carvalho was present at the meetings with the president of the Brazilian Confederation, Ednaldo Rodriguez. Photo: Leslie Ribeiro/Brazilian Confederation

Without Santa Cruz, the Serie A, which is scheduled to start on April 21, will feature Retro and Petrolina as Pernambuco's representatives in 2024. However, the two teams still do not know their groups in the competition due to the delay in publishing the schedule. Which should have been published 45 days before the start of the tournament.

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However, according to Evandro, the tournament schedule has not yet been released due to issues related to stadium modifications to provide better playing conditions for the participating teams. Therefore, it is expected that the first matches of the competition will be announced this week.

“There were modifications for field reasons. Unfortunately, due to the structure of Brazil, many municipalities do not provide resources to help clubs or do not care much about these municipal stadiums, and this leaves us with a poor state of the stadiums,” he concluded.

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