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Lula cancels his trip to Chile due to the tragedy

Lula cancels his trip to Chile due to the tragedy

The president, according to his interlocutors, does not want to leave room for criticism due to omission or failure to engage in responding to the crisis.

The trip was scheduled to take place on Thursday (16). In Chile, Lula will hold meetings with President Gabriel Boric. The meeting had been awaited since the beginning of the Labor Party government.

Both espoused a progressive agenda in their countries, and it was expected that an understanding would soon be reached between Santiago and Brasilia. However, differences in positions regarding the Venezuelan situation and other international political issues have shown that Boric and Lula are on opposite sides, including when dealing with integration in South America.

In the international press, the Rio Grande do Sul crisis is seen as a test of Lula.

“The advisors [de Lula] They say he is fully aware that this could be his “Katrina moment,” a reference to the 2005 hurricane that caught US President George W. Bush by surprise and entered the global vocabulary as a synonym for failure of leadership in crises. last week.

Resuming the regional integration project

By postponing his trip to Chile, Lula is suspending his goal of resuming the regional integration process. One of the Brazilian’s goals was to convince Buric to return to the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), thus rebuilding the project of rapprochement between countries.

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