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State of Play: Watch our Final Fantasy 7 trailer recap and more

State of Play: Watch our Final Fantasy 7 trailer recap and more

The players were satisfied this Thursday (14)! In addition to a surprise Nintendo Direct with F-zero, Paper Mario Much more than that, Sony has also provided a State of Play that’s full of good news – especially if you’re a fan Final Fantasy VII that it Resident Evil 4.

On this occasion, Sony’s event, which lasted only 27 minutes, focused on game announcements Indies that it third party. On X (formerly Twitter), many fans commented on the lack of a remake of Silent Hill 2 that it Metal Gear Solid 3 – But in general, we still have a lot of news.

Want to stay up to date with everything happening in today’s state of play? So check out the summary Voxel Prepared for you!

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Separate routes for DLC and VR mode

Fans Resident Evil 4 You have plenty of reasons to celebrate. Capcom made three big offerings in State of Play: downloadable content (DLC). forkThe PS VR2 version adds Ada Wong and Albert Wesker in Mercenaries mode.

fork The content will be paid and will arrive next Thursday (21) on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series actually Resident Evil 4: VR mode It had a confirmed release window of Q1 2024. If you want to learn more, click here!

Avatar: The Frontiers of Pandora

Looking forward to Avatar: The Frontiers of Pandora? Then you’ll probably be happy with this announcement: Ubisoft’s new game also has a confirmed in-play date and It will arrive on December 7 this year. Pre-orders are available now on the PS Store.

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Furthermore, the adventure has a new trailer that highlights the vast world of Pandora, and also shows more gameplay scenes and some details about the plot. Looking forward to this one?

New PS5 and DualSense colors

The catalog of PS5 and DualSense colors is getting bigger and bigger. Sony has announced three new metal options in State of Play: Volcanic red, cobalt blue and sterling silver.

Marvel Spider-Man 2

Neighborhood friends are coming! Sony’s State of Play was also the stage for a beautiful trailer for the game Marvel Spider-Man 2Where it was possible to see more of Peter Parker and Miles Morales in action. The game is coming October 20 on PS5.

The trailer released at the event showed off several gameplay scenes, which are more improved than ever. If you like hero costumes, you will also be happy to know that there will be a good variety available in the sequel.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth The state of play ended with a flourish on Thursday (14). Square Enix has released an exciting trailer for the sequel, also revealing that the game will feature several thought-provoking additions.

And the news doesn’t stop there! In addition to confirming the participation of the iconic Vincent Valentine, the Japanese giant also confirmed its release date Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, Which arrives on PS5 with two discs on February 29, 2024.

Other State of Play announcements from Sony

Last but not least, check out the other announcements made for Sony’s State of Play below:

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Baby steps

With a completely different proposal and greater focus on the walking simulator, Baby steps It promises to bring comedic gameplay to players. The date has not been announced yet.


Roblox is finally coming to PlayStation.source: Roblox

As announced last Monday (11), Roblox It will finally make its debut on PlayStation. Now, the date has been confirmed at the event and The game is coming October 10 on PS4 and PS5.

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Master

Other big news coming to PS VR2, Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Master It promises good doses of nostalgia for fans Ghost chaser. The game arrives on October 26 on VR.

Ghost Runner II

Looking forward to Ghost Runner II? Then know that the game’s demo is now available on the PS Store, as is the game’s pre-order. The sequel will be released on October 26 on PS5, Xbox Series.

Hell Divers 2

Betting heavily on the cooperative, Hell Divers 2 It was one of the highlights of State of Play. The game will be released on February 8, 2024 for PS5 and PC.

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