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Details of the female protagonist have been revealed

Details of the female protagonist have been revealed

GTA 6 is being produced and in the meantime the details are being revealed.

The rock games It doesn’t reveal much about it Grand Theft Auto 6 Aside from the fact that it’s in development, but it’s possible that previous leaks have helped fill in the loopholes. Trusted leakers have made all kinds of claims about the game, saying that the upcoming GTA franchise will be set in Vice City and likely have two protagonists, male and female.

According to the site, addictedthe supposed hero is played Alexandra Echavari The news was published on this subject in several international sites. In her autobiography, actress Alexandra Cristina Echavari ended up leaking that she is serving as the main heroine in a game rock games. Later, after this information began to spread on social media, the actress removed the reference to Rockstar, but kept the information that she would be the main heroine in a future game from Take Two, the owner of the company.

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We reported last month that sources close to the game’s production have specified that the protagonist will be a Latina woman. As part of a feature on Rockstar BloombergThe source revealed that the character will be part of a pair of bank robbers in a story influenced by real-life criminals Bonnie and Clyde.

Previously, heroines were only available as custom characters in GTA OnlineIt never happened in the game’s single player campaigns. Rockstar co-founder, Dan Houser (who has since left the company), previously indicated that the company had been considering taking on a leadership role at the company since 2013.

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The report also pointed out that the release version of GTA 6 It will start with fictional Miami and its surroundings (most likely a return to Vice City), but will be updated with “new missions and cities regularly”. It seems that this version actually includes more internal locations than any game that has been released before.

Check out the actress’s profile below:

Actress Alexandra Cristina Echavari leaked that she is the heroine of Rockstar Games, possibly GTA 6.
Photo: addicts