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Singer’s widow is accused of coup and harassment

Singer’s widow is accused of coup and harassment

Gal and Wilma have been married for 25 years, and the businesswoman has managed the singer’s career | Photo: playback / Instagram

Gal Costa’s widow, Wilma Petrillo, 72, became one of the most talked about topics last Wednesday (6) after an article in “Biaui” magazine revealed several cases of theft, threats and extortion committed by the singer’s businesswoman. .

According to the magazine, Wilma is accused by friends, family and former employees of carrying out a series of frauds and accumulating debts on behalf of the Bahian singer since taking over as a businesswoman and even harassing people who crossed her path.

13 people were interviewed and situations with Widow Gall were reported. Eyewitnesses claim that Wilma has astronomical debts, including abroad, which would have led the singer to abandon performing in the United States, fearing arrest.

One source was doctor Bruno Prado, who revealed that Wilma had borrowed R$15,000 for the surgery, but only paid after being repeatedly threatened. However, Wilma was also going to make threats, because at that time the professional had not yet revealed his homosexuality to the family. The businesswoman blackmails him, claiming that he will reveal his sexual orientation to everyone.

Another person interviewed was producer Riccardo Frogoli, who stated that Wilma caused Gal to miss several shows in North America and Europe, as well as withholding invitations to shows. In addition, employees’ belongings were stolen, as well as humiliation, fights, moral harassment and bullying by the businesswoman.

The report also managed to interview Gal’s brother, Goto Burgos, who revealed that at the start of her career, the singer had four chambers of commerce, a hacienda, and properties in Salvador, Trancoso, and New York. All of this property was sold to pay off debts. Her relative said, “It is heartbreaking to know that she died without any of that. It seems all her work was in vain.”

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