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RHODES releases single “HAPPY” – a more personal and educational song

RHODES releases single “HAPPY” – a more personal and educational song

London singer-songwriter Rhodes Releases an amazing new song “happy”. The song was written during a period of self-reflection for the artist Remember his past. The personal and introspective path deals with the idea of ​​finding happiness in your life when it is not easy to achieve.

Inspired by his daughter, who was diagnosed with meduloblastoma, Raphael Mike released the song “The Sun”

“Happy” is a song about opening your eyes and trying to find happiness in the moment. We live in a world of constant change and massive social pressure, and for a long time I felt like I was chasing the wrong things in life. It’s easy to hide behind a facade or social media, but that only hides what’s really going on underneath, and I know now that I owe it to myself and the people I like to be more present and aware. In the end, I believe that happiness is our happiness if we are only open to it, and I wanted to write about the hope of knowing that if we keep trying, we can find true satisfaction in all that we have.” comment Rhodes.

“happy” is a continuation of the singer’s second album, “friends like these”, released earlier this year on the Nettwerk label. It was recorded while in custody alongside the producers Rich Cooper that it Ash Workman (who also worked with Christine and the Queens that it metronomy), is a wonderful collection of personal tracks, which share stories of love, loss, friendship and hope, harnessed by the artist’s enchanting vocals. In April, he released the EP “pool sessionsa special selection of tracks from Friends Like This performed live at The Pool Studios, London (Listen below).

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“friends like these” Marked the release of the first album by Rhodes Since its famous debut in 2015, wishes (by seal Sony Music). The album included the single “let it all go”a duet with bird which has accumulated over 212 million streams on Spotify. Rhodes has delighted audiences with a series of concerts and tours, opening for artists such as Sam Smith, London Grammar that it Hozier. In February, the songwriter wowed audiences across the UK and Europe during his tour, which concluded with an intimate show at Earth’s Hackney, London. Listen to the song: